11 Amazing Character Traits All People With INFJ Personality Possess

11 Amazing Character Traits All People With INFJ Personality Possess
“Because being understood matters a great deal to the INFJ, they have a tendency to be overly precise with their words. They never wish to give half-truths or omissions that may leave room for misunderstandings or wrong ideas.” ― Jennifer Soldner, The INFJ Heart: Understand the Mind, Unlock the Heart

That is just one trait of the unusual character of the people with INFJ personality who are considered extremely rare and in the same time extremely interesting people.

According to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is based on the work of Carl Jung and specifically on his book Psychological Types, there are 16 personality types. According to this list, the INFJs are the one smallest in numbers as they make only around 3% of the global population and 1.5% of them are women and 5% are men.

People who possess an INFJ personality tend to be quiet, but at the same time have powerful and intense emotions.

On top of that, they like to observe what is going on around them and are blessed with strong intuition. They prefer creating close relationships with people and only go for valuable friendships. INFJs are considered dreamers because they always think what great opportunities the future holds. These people usually love music as it’s a way of conveying their feelings.

To help you find out whether or not you belong in the special group of these unique individuals we have outlined a list of 11 amazing traits that people with an INFJ personality possess:

1. Creativity

– These people have fantastic imagination which goes along with a strong sense of sympathy. Their creativity serves them to help people and solve others’ problems rather than to make material stuff.

2. Passion for important things

– If a person with an INFJ personality considers that a certain aim is meaningful and it really important, they could pursue that goal with a passion and enthusiasm rarely manifested by any of the other personality types.

3. They are individualists

– INFJs are able to get along well with others which is the reason why they can work well with many people. However, they function best when they are alone or with only a few trusted friends.

4. Keep their private circle small

– INFJs keep their private lives to themselves, and would seldom open up even to their most loyal friends. That is why confiding to someone they don’t know well is absolutely impossible and they also find it difficult to accept and trust new friends.

5. Heal others emotionally

– INFJs are the kind of people who always try to heal the emotionally wounded. This is because they tend to focus on the good things in people and look positively on others’ flaws trying to be comprehensive of their current situation and the circumstances that have caused it.

6. They are idealists

– all INFJs live their lives trying to fulfill their sometimes irrealistic dreams. However, as life is not a straight line very often they become a victim of their false ideas about the world which causes their sensitive souls a lot of suffering.

7. Extremely sensitive

– as mentioned above INFJs are very sensitive. Especially in case, someone questions their beliefs or values. People who possess an INFJ personality are extremely delicate when it comes criticism and disagreement, and doubting their intentions is surely something that could piss them off a lot.

8. Can’t stand bad people

– they cannot accept manipulations and meanness that is why if an INFJ perceives they’ve been lied to or deceived they will produce a strong reaction. That is also what makes them the type of people who are always there to help the ones in need.

9. They are perfectionists

– although INFJs don’t like criticism they are especially critical to themselves because they want to be perfect in everything they do. This is a double-edged sword though since they tend to undervalue their capabilities and their success.

10. They are determined

– the INFJs are the kind of people who would pursue their dreams (no matter how foolish these dreams might seem to others) with a lot of determination and enthusiasm. And due to their perfectionism, they are going to plan everything to the smallest detail and are the ones capable of putting into action projects few people would want to handle.

11. They only stand for things that have meaning

– no matter if it’s a cause, a job or a friendship someone with an INFJ personality would only take up things that he or she finds meaningful and important. When something or someone doesn’t seem worth the efforts, they would ignore the person or the situation. So, if you possess all or most of these amazing personal traits you could proudly consider yourself a part of the small but unique family of the INFJs – the people who possess the rarest and one of the most beautiful personality types.

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